Some Pictures from our recent Shows


Combined Show 2013



SDB Butter Rings

TB Cannington Bluebird

SDBs Dynamic, Jitters and Stinger



Sib Caesar's Brother

6 Blooms

PCI Seedling






Combined Show 2012



SDB Seedling grown by a member

Intermediate Bearded - Calligrapher

3 Pacific Coast Hybrids



Standard Dwarf Bearded -

Six Standard Dwarf Bearded
in one entry

Iris misouriensis
a specie iris




Combined Show 2010

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  Three lovely P.C.I.s Modern S.D.B.s Cameo Queen - S.D.B.  
    Iris Display    


Summer Show 2009

  Louisiana iris Sib. My First Kiss 3 Blooms  
  Decorative Class 3 Spikes 6 Blooms  


Spring Show 2008

  Jewel Baby - S.D.B. Iris missouriensis Gladiolus tristis  
  View of a showbench Six S.D.B. spikes Floral Art  



Combined Show 2007

  3 Blooms 5 Bloom Arrangement Supreme Sultan


Summer Show 2005

  6 Blooms I. pseudacorus - Roy Davidson Dutch Irises  
  View of a showbench Arrangement of irises Sea Cadet - B.B.  

Early Show 2005

  Agnes James  P.C.I. A show bench Snow Tree  S.D.B.  
  Mrs Nate Rudolph   S.D.B. Winning floral display Wine and Lilac  Arilbred  


Summer Show 2004



T.B. Wild Ginger

Siberica seedling

T.B. Phaeton



Siberica - Dunkler Wein

6 Blooms

T.B - Feature Attraction